Making it Visible on Mens Health Week
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Safety First

Safety First

Making it Visible on Mens Health Week

By Sophie Holdrick

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This Men's Health Week, we were delighted to once again participate in the #MakeItVisible Tour. Following a successful visit earlier this year, the team returned, this time spending time in our workshop with our service team.

This industry-wide initiative, led by the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and Ford Motor Company, injects colour and vibrancy into construction sites across the country. The objective is to make mental health as prominent as physical health in our industry.

The session proved to be engaging and thought-provoking, with an informal Toolbox Talk on the significance of prioritising our mental health and well-being, and an open discussion session, providing the team with the opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions.

It's alarming to know that two construction workers take their own lives each day, and construction workers are more than three times as likely to die by suicide compared to other industries. Immediate action is needed, and we must all take action now. The #MakeItVisible campaign is pushing in the right direction, aiming to reduce suicide rates within our industry.

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