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What is GPS Machine Control?

GPS Machine Control is the integration of plant and technology to increase accuracy, efficiency and sustainability on earthworks jobs.

How does GPS Machine Control work? 

3D GPS Machine Control systems are used to accurately position earthworks machinery. By constantly comparing the position of the Blade or Bucket to the 3D design model, the GPS Machine Control system informs the Operator whether they need to cut or fill material to achieve the required design, right first time.

  • 46% fewer project hours
  • 34% fewer equipment hours
  • 37% less fuel consumed
  • 31% fewer total manhours

*Figures from Comparison Report – Caterpillar Jobsite Information Study

Did you know?

As of September 2019, all Highways England Sites must use 3D Machine Control (3DMC) for all earthworks operations, unless a specific business case is provided. Find out more about this 'Raising the Bar' statement within the latest Highways England publication here

How does continuous compaction control work?

1. Improve efficiency, save time, fuel and CO2

2. Instant weak-spot detection maximises the quality

3. Real-time control of the compaction progress of all projects

Why Lynch for GPS Machine Control?

Our GPS Machine Control division was created in January 2020 with the view to offer our customers the best service for their projects. Our GPS Machine Control Centre in Cambridgeshire gives Operators the chance to use and embrace this new technology. They receive classroom training, which is then supported by practical learning, without being forced to learn with simulators which will inevitably be different when they get onto site. All of this helps up to support Operators, and increase skills within the industry.

In September 2021 we proudly announced our partnership with CITB in order to get even more operators trained using the very latest GPS Machine Control Technology.

  1. Pre delivery engineering survey consultation

    Our support team will meet with your project team to gain an understanding of the project; the machines that are required and the project design. We will then advise on the correct format for the GPS machine control.

    Additionally at this stage, we host training sessions to upskill the project team on GPS Machine Control either in person, or via Microsoft Teams.

  2. Project connectivity

    All of our machines are fitted with a Data Sim enabling the project to have a 360 degree flow of information from site to office and back to the site again. As part of our service, we’ll connect your project team to the relevant web based cloud software.

  3. Site handover

    We follow a site hand over process to ensure the project kicks off quickly and efficiently and to reduce support calls. Our process includes confirming the pre-loaded site protocols are connected and working to specification, perfroming a meticulous hand over with the engineering team and spending time with the operators to refresh their training.

Your Machine Control Experts

Machine Control is designed to support Operators using plant
 machinery to get the job done right. First time, every time.

Machine Control

  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Engineer Handover (including Data Sim & Login details)
  • Remote File Transfer
  • Remote Access to Technical Support Portal
  • On-site Driver Training (including Bucket Calibration)
  • Machine Connectivity
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A - We currently offer the latest in GPS Machine Control solutions from Leica and Trimble. Leica MC1 and Trimble Earthworks. 

A - Not necessarily, all of our machines have the capability to connect to SmartNET/VRS via sim card to receive corrections. However, we can also offer a base station installation service should multiple machines be required for site. 

A - DXF and LandXML are preferred but we can prepare your data depending on machine control brand as part of our hire package. 

A - All of our machines include remote connectivity as part of the hire package. We will train and support you in remotely uploading designs to each machine via cloud-based platforms. As-built data can also be captured and downloaded directly from each machine.

A - Yes, we have established a GPS Machine Control training school where we train our operators on a one-to-one basis in all aspects of our machine control products. We also have a dedicated training team who can attend site should additional guidance be required.