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Health & Safety

We’re passionate about making your site safer

Health & Safety

We’re passionate about making your site safer

We’re committed to the ongoing improvement of health and safety performance throughout our company, and we consider the continual development of individuals and our fleet of the highest importance. We have an impressive performance record and work closely with our supply chain and customers to maintain this. We’re committed to improving plant hire health and safety. We have an incident and accident-free culture among our workforce. This commitment provides a safer working environment not only for our employees, but for everyone associated with the site and its activities. Should an incident occur on site or anywhere within the industry, a safety notice is distributed amongst all of our staff, and ‘toolbox’ talks are conducted with on-site staff. This ensures they are fully aware of the dangers and how to avoid them (report an incident to us here).

Our team

Every member of our team is trained to industry standard. All of our drivers have a minimum of two years’ experience and the necessary qualifications for each individual contract.

Both our drivers and delivery staff are trained to operate every type of machine. (Learn more about the training our operators take part in).

Our fleet

All of our machines are less than three years old and are fully equipped with the very latest health and safety technology. They’re all fitted with audible reverse alarms and automatic dual-locking quick hitches, and all large excavators have reversing cameras.

Our machines can also be fitted with a range of additional features, such as:

Emergency Remote Control Systems (ERCS)
Fail restraint system railings (boxing ring)
Height and slew restrictors
Safe load indicators
Zero tail excavators
Rubber tracks on large excavators
Diesel particular filters
Chalwyn valves and spark arrestors
Rail specification machinery
Crossrail-approved delivery vehicles
Seatbelt immobilisation
We’ve also continued to add new types of attachments as customers increasingly look to save time and money by using specific equipment for their applications.

Every single one of our machines goes through an extensive pre-delivery inspection before it arrives on your site, ensuring it’s in perfect condition. As standard, a fitter will visit your site weekly to correct minor defects and carry out preventative maintenance.