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Lynch invests in electric vacuum pipe lifters

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Lynch has recently purchased a number of new vacuum pipe lifters which offer a more efficient, safe and reliable means of handling pipes. It removes the need for personnel to work at height, negating the need to place slings around pipes that could potentially roll.

The electric-powered vacuum pipe lifter does all the work from the safety of the excavator cab without any need for chains, slings or connectors. High powered suction through a range of fitted pads mean pipes of various weights (up to 12.5t) and different sizes can be lifted easily and safely. The vacuum pipe also incorporates many safety measures to ensure a safe work site and protect against operator error. The lifting beam of the vacuum lifter not only protects the internal components but it also serves as a reserve vacuum tank. Fitted to the lifting beam and vacuum tank are sensors and warning alarms including two red and green flashers and an audio alarm. The alarms are always powered by a back-up battery fitted to the vacuum lifter’s beam. The vacuum lifter can still be rotated in both directions without limits due to the use of a heavy-duty power slip ring in the hydraulic rotator. This means there is no chance of tangled or hooked wires.

The low maintenance vacuum pipe lifter is environmentally-friendly with no need for any engine which eliminates noise pollution and also means zero emissions, thus making it ideal for working in confined spaces. It is also generally a quicker way of working — around 50% quicker than traditional methods and demonstrates Lynch’s continued investment in new technology maintaining our drive to ‘meeting hire demands’ of our customers.

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