Telematics and Tutorials: QR Code upgrades!
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Telematics and Tutorials: QR Code upgrades!

By Lucy Comley

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Get Telematics and Tutorials with the touch of a finger with the very latest updates to our QR codes on applicable machines. In addition to all the machine documentation you might need (certificates, operator guides, spec sheet, NRMM), you can now get instant access to useful safety and sustainability information.

Telematic data is available, showing you the fuel usage, working hours and idling hours for the previous day and week. This provides both driver and customer with full accountability and transparency, helping us on our journey to net zero carbon

Digital thumbs up tutorials are available, showing you videos on how the new and innovative safety shield system works and how it improves safety on site.

Our QR Code system is designed with our customers and operators in mind, helping to streamline processes.

  • Optimised for mobile, improving our user experience. 
  • An invaluable tool for auditing and makes compliance a smoother process. 
  • Aligns with our sustainability goals for a digital future.
  • Information is easily and readily available with no need to wait.

Get your smartphone, scan the QR Code on any Lynch machine and discover now!

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