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Electric equipment best solution for HS2 Euston

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Well done to James Barden, HS2 Project Manager and Steve Wright, Hemel Hempstead Service Manager, for innovation in supply to HS2 Euston Station.

With the Euston site being enclosed and very congested, the use of standard diesel machinery was proving problematic.

Instead, the team needed a solution that produced less emissions and noise when in use. Steve and James ensured that a solution was provided, by organizing the supply of fully electric alternatives such as electric tracked barrows, loading shovel, and mini excavators.

The use of electric equipment on site (as shown below) has been instrumental in lowering the carbon footprint, as well as reducing noise pollution and disruption. With environmental responsibility at the forefront of construction and design, the innovative approach to electric machinery is incredibly important for the future.

The hard work and forward thinking of Steve and James has ensured major success on this site.

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