Supporting World Mental Health Day
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Safety First

Safety First

Supporting World Mental Health Day

By Sophie Holdrick

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Today, on #WorldMentalHealthDay, we are reminded of the concerning statistics within our industry. The CIOB reports that in our industry, we tragically lose two individuals to suicide every day, while countless others struggle with stress, anxiety, or depression. This is why Mental Wellbeing is at the core of our company's pillars.

Throughout this year, our industry guest speakers have delivered toolbox talks showing us the importance of seeking help, and we have learned that there is no shame in reaching out. Our successful day with a driver and wellbeing walks programs have shown us the significance of forming meaningful connections, and how a simple check-in can make a big difference. Our mental health first aid training has empowered more individuals within our business to engage in conversations about mental health and to extend support to everyone.

We want to emphasise to all our operators, drivers, fitters, and depot staff that we have a dedicated team of Mental Health First Aiders here to support you. If you find yourself struggling, please do not hesitate to reach out to them. Additionally, we invite everyone to participate in the World's Biggest Mental Health Check-in 2023: You can opt for a quick, five-minute check-in or a more comprehensive fifteen-minute assessment. Additionally, please remember that the Lighthouse Club is available 24/7 for support at 📞 0345 605 1956.

Take good care of yourselves, and prioritise your well-being.

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