Supporting the Supply Chain Sustainability School Plant Charter updates
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Supporting the Supply Chain Sustainability School Plant Charter updates

By Sophie Holdrick

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Lynch supports Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) who are leading the way for the UK’s built environment to drastically reduce onsite emissions to air that are harmful to human health and the planet, with updates to the Plant Charter.

Back in 2020, Lynch were one of the first signatories of the Plant Charter, which set out to identify and provide the supply chain with information and guidance on plant standards and management. Due to the ever-changing environment and advances in technology, the School have now published an up to date minimum standards document, which encompasses all changes.

It’s an evolving landscape as we play our part in tackling climate change and reducing the impacts on local neighbourhoods. Through the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Plant Group, we can collaborate to improve air quality standards across the industry. The school and the plant charter is there to help all sizes of businesses.

Chris Gill - Director

Lynch are proud to support the new document and to evidence that we are fully complying with the Charter, helping to build a greener future for our industry.

Visit the Supply Chain Sustainability School website to find out more about the Plant Charter.

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