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Thumbs up, Red Zone and IFE Safety Talks

By Gez Bonner

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Plant People Interface is often recognised as one of the top 5 safety risks on construction sites and our 'Thumbs Up' campaign has been, and always will be, something we take great pride in delivering. 

We work with Operators to reduce the risk of site workers walking in front of Excavators, behind Dumpers, ADTs, and too close to loads when these are being lifted around sites. This is why Thumbs Up, Red Zone and IFE talks are such an important part of site safety.

We continue educating our colleagues on the importance of knowing your surroundings, communication, keeping out of exclusion zones, and always sticking to safe walking routes around sites. A thumbs up from the Operator when it is safe to approach is the way to ensure we, as a collective, reach our goal of zero harm on our projects. 

These sessions are all part of our ongoing mission to go nationwide with our Thumbs Up campaign. We are passionate about safety, and our Trainers will continue to work with site personnel to make sure we get everyone home safe at the end of the day.

Gez Bonner - National Training Manager

Our IFE (Incident Free Environment) talk, delivered by Operator Trainer Assessor Chris Kent, is his own personal story. This relates to how important it is to look after yourself and to ensure we all go home every night, put the key in the door to see our family and friends. We have been very fortunate, in the Construction Industry, to work in these difficult times, and this talk ensures that safety is, and always will be, paramount. 

We were proud to take the opportunity to present these safety talks to over 80 site staff on Kingsbury HS2 BBV site, and the EWR (East West Rail) project in Milton Keynes. These were interactive safety talks with great engagement.

Over the years, we have delivered our safety talks to thousands of Operators, and we run sessions for our customers, our partners and other companies in the supply chain. If you would like to organise a safety talk on your site, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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