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Safety First Mindset: Two-Day Stand Down Day at Lynch's Southern Depot

By Sophie Holdrick

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We're excited to have collaborated with the metropolitan police to deliver a two-day Safety Stand Down event at our Southern Depot, encompassing a series of presentations, talks and practical demonstrations to drive the message home. We invited all of the team to attend the general presentations, providing them with an understanding of road safety and focusing their attention, with HGV drivers and fitters attending further refresher training.

Workshops have included;

  • Guest speaker from the Metropolitan Police, focusing on all things Road Safety; and dangers around vehicles, awareness and responsibilities around vulnerable road users and the reality of urban driving
  • Refresher on the highway code changes and the hierarchy of road users
  • Talk about annual driver compliance undertakings with our Compliance Manager
  • A refresher on the rules and regulations around driving hours from our Compliance Manager
  • Refresher training on Load Security and daily walk-round checks from our Driver Development Supervisor and National Transport Manager
  • Refresher training on Plant Mover with our National Training Manager
  • Refresher Training on safe tipping practices and daily walk-round checks with our Transport and Haulage Managers
  • Presentation on company Health & Safety policies; including manual handling

As a leading provider of Haulage of Transport services to the UK, we take our road safety responsibilities very seriously. We are entirely committed to the training and development of our team and were happy to bring Road Safety across the board for everyone.

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