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Safety Demonstration with VolkerFitzpatrick

By Gez Bonner

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In the interest of site safety, we took the chance to demonstrate important features included in our Plant Hire & Transport Services with our customer VolkerFitzpatrick.

Working with site staff on this session, Craig McCormack – Driver Development Supervisor, highlighted the standard in arrest systems and walk ways used by our Transport Drivers while loading and unloading plant on site. Gez Bonner - Plant Trainer and John Skeffington - Plant Operator, showcased a live calibration of the Height & Slew restrictor with our 8t excavator.

Dave Goodey - VolkerFitzpatrick Works Manager, explained "Lynch have clearly put some efforts into Working at Height issues and loading and unloading. Now we have an opportunity to challenge drivers on site to follow the Lynch procedure. The Height and Slew control on the machine was also good to see, and how easy it is to ensure the operator is again following procedures. Thanks again to all at Lynch for their demonstration."

Craig McCormack would like to share his "thanks to VolkerFitzpatrick for inviting Lynch to present systems and walkways introduced to our Transport fleet. The chance to innovate through collaboration whilst helping make our transition through site safer is always welcome."

Delivering sessions like these is highly important because they reduce the risk of incidents and help build long-term relationships. We’re proud to be working with customers that have a great focus on safety, through team work and innovation.

Safety is our top priority

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