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Safety First

Safety First

Road Safety Week with Skasnka at Ernulf Academy

By Sophie Holdrick

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It's Road Safety Week!

As a leading provider of Transport and Haulage services to the UK's construction industry, we understand that safety is our collective responsibility.

Our dedicated Transport and Compliance teams have been collaborating with our great customer Skanska as part of their A428 project, investing in the education and awareness of the younger generation.

It was fantastic to engage with the bright minds of Year 7 students at Ernulf Academy. Approximately 150 students joined us for an insightful assembly, captivating demos, and interactive Q&A sessions, making this initiative a great success. These engaging activities aimed to inspire these students and instil road safety consciousness early on.

It’s a pleasure to collaborate and share such an important message in schools. With children in year 7 often starting to travel to and from school by themselves, it’s a particularly important age to ensure that road safety is at the forefront of their minds.

Gabby Lawrence - Compliance Manager

Kudos to our team Karl Ingram, Gabby Lawrence, Chris Kent, and Craig McCormack for their invaluable contributions in making the day memorable and impactful! 

Safety First Mindset

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