Celebrating our Road Safety Heroes - Road Safety Week 2021
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Celebrating our Road Safety Heroes - Road Safety Week 2021

By Kayleigh Goldsmith

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This week is Road Safety Week and we’re proud to celebrate our road safety heroes! As a business, we strive to make roads safer by providing all of our drivers with continual and professional development.

This includes:

  • Assessing all drivers for their ability to read the road in order to make the safest decision in any given scenario
  • Ensuring each driver completes a FORS Safe urban driving course so each driver can take a sympathetic view when sharing the road with cyclists
  • Monitoring our professional drivers using onboard telematics to identify driving trends in order to train for a safer driving style.

We also spend time engaging with local communities to give cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users a first-hand experience of a drivers perspective and help them to better understand the safest ways to pass the vehicle.

Additionally, we’re consistently investing in our FORS Gold Fleet and raising our safety standards. As a leading provider of Haulage and Transport in the UK, we are passionate about working as one team to improve Road Safety. 

To find out more about Road Safety Week, please click to visit the brake website.

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