The River Humber Gas Pipeline Replacement
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Long Reach Excavator at the River Humber

By Lynch

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The River Humber Gas Pipeline Replacement is a record-breaking project and is essential in supplying up to 25% of Britain’s gas. The existing pipeline was at risk of exposure, and so a long-term solution was needed to safeguard the gas supply.

The Joint Venture, comprising of Skanska, PORR and A. Hak, worked collaboratively on behalf of National Grid to install the longest hydraulically inserted pipeline in the world. Almost 5km of pipeline runs under the Humber, inside a tunnel, from Goxhill to Paull, and this will ensure that a reliable supply of gas reaches millions of Britons.

The project is now in its penultimate stage, as construction on the tunnel has been completed, and the pipeline has been ‘pushed through’. Reinstatement work is now underway, restoring the site, minimising the impact on the environment and the local area. Our 22m Komatsu PC360 Long Reach Excavator has been at work filling in the shaft to return it to its original condition, which will allow the land to be reinstated.

This Super Long Reach Excavator is designed for maximum performance, ensuring extensive reach and digging power. This can reach locations that other conventional excavators are not able to access, meaning it is ideally suited to filling the shaft, that is 13m deep, and contributing to successful reinstatement works in the area.

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