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Recognizing another Lynch Operator with over 20 years of service

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Peter O’ Boyle is one of the longest serving operators at Lynch, having worked for with us for the last 20 years. It was therefore only right that we caught up with Peter to find out exactly what has kept him in our business for over two decades.

Prior to joining Lynch in 1998 Peter was a site manager working for W. Long & Co where he was responsible for the welfare of 200 men on site. Back in those days he oversaw the construction of some pretty major projects, including the Harlequin Centre in Watford. After leaving on good terms, Peter pursued other supervisory roles until he decided to go back to following his first love — driving excavators! He therefore jumped at the opportunity to join Lynch as an operator and fondly remembers the first machine he operated as if it were yesterday, namely a JCB 3C 180 Excavator, which at that time was one of the top machines available in the construction industry.


During his time at Lynch Peter has witnessed many technological advances to the machines — many of these features, he hastens to add, introduced via feedback from operators like himself. When asked about training he was quick to point out that as an operator, once you have a good understanding of the basics of the machine, new technology can be picked up quickly. Essentially a lot of it is common sense and, while all training offered by Lynch is beneficial, as long as the operator is willing to soak up the information the technology should make life as an operator much easier.


At the same time Peter was keen to stress the positive changes with regards to the constant safety measures being introduced collectively to the machine’s specification by both Lynch and the manufacturer. Peter believes this can only be a good for the operator and fellow site workers. In addition he is pleased to see the Lynch ‘Thumbs Up’ safety initiative being adopted on many of the sites he has recently been working on .


When asked why he has been such a loyal servant to Lynch he replied: ‘’There’s a simple answer to that… Lynch is a great company to work for — they just let me get on with my job. They’re also an honest company and never try to cut corners. There are some cowboy companies out there but at Lynch the welfare and safety of staff always comes first’’. He added: “The management has always been good to me and always find the time to strike up a conversation with me whenever our paths cross. They genuinely make you feel part of one big family and, at this stage in my life, I can’t really see myself working for anyone else — that’s assuming that Lynch still wants me!’’


Away from the day job Peter likes to spend time with his family, especially his two grandchildren. He also enjoys DIY, as well as taking time out to socialise with friends over a few beers — ‘only a few’ he was keen to add! He also likes his sport and is an avid follower of both Man Utd. And Real Madrid in which he describes Cristiano Ronaldo as the best footballer in the world. The Lynch management has rewarded Peter for his dedicated service over the past twenty years with a £200 voucher and looks forward to working with him for many years to come.

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