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Promoting safe roads for everyone at Op Rocotto, Cycle Safety Event in London

By Sophie Holdrick

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Lynch are proud to have been a part of Op Rocotto, a Cycle Safety and Exchanging Places Event at St. Paul’s Courtyard in London, working with the City of London Police. 

Exchanging Places events help to give cyclists a first-hand experience of the limited visibility inside the lorry cab. Participating cyclists were sat in the cab, watching out for a cyclist riding up the left side of the vehicle. Demonstrations like these help cyclists to see blind spots and understand the safest ways for them to pass the vehicle.

As a leading provider of Haulage and Transport services in the UK, we are passionate about Road Safety. Alongside better Direct Vision, education and training go a long way to reduce risk for vulnerable road users, and events like this help us to promote safer roads for everyone. This supports Vision Zero for London, which aims to eradicate deaths and serious injuries from our roads and make London a safer, healthier and greener place.

Safety is our priority

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