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Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon

Brand New Scania trucks offering 6% fuel saving

By Sophie Holdrick

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Lynch has invested in brand new Scania V8 lorries as part of our ongoing efforts to upgrade our fleet. The latest additions to our fleet offers an improved total operating economy, with an impressive 6% fuel saving over our previous V8 generation. We chose the Scania V8 for its total package, including improved torque offering a powerful 3050NM.

Additonally featuring factory-option safety features. These include a blind spot warning system, a vulnerable road user collision prevention system (which uses radar and cameras to detect and warn drivers of obstructions, including pedestrians and cyclists), automatic handbrake system that ensures driver error is minimised (i.e. the handbrake is applied if the door is opened or if the truck is turned off), and ESP Electronic Stability Program, which improves safety by measuring parameters and can trigger warning and emergency measures to ensure safety.

All these features are factory-fitted, tested, and type-approved under European vehicle safety testing. This saves time and eliminates issues down the line with third-party fitments.

This significant investment helps us achieve our purpose of helping our customers build Britain’s infrastructure.

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