Machine Control Training Programme: Providing Practical Training for Plant Operators 
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Machine Control Training Programme: Providing Practical Training for Plant Operators 

By Sophie Holdrick

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A number of Plant Operators have now undergone specialist Machine Control training at our dedicated GPS Training Centre in Cambridgeshire. This helps them to be able to work safely and efficiently with Machine Control Enabled Excavators, Dozers and Rollers, and is a milestone figure for our Training Division. 

The use of Machine Control Technology is becoming more and more common, especially with Highways England mandating this on all of their sites. At Lynch we recognise how important it is to have state-of-the-art technology paired with a great, fully trained Operator. This way, they are able to work with the system, achieving its full potential.  

Chris Kent, Operator Trainer, has been overseeing the training. He wants to ensure that the Operators are fully engaged and have a quality training experience. He explains how the centre works… 

“We are pleased to be able to offer a balance of theory and practice as part of our Machine Control Training Programme. In our dedicated GPS Training Centre, we’ve got a classroom area, which is of course important for the Operators to learn the theory behind Machine Control and the various systems prior to actually getting into a machine. However, what’s most impressive and arguably most important is the practical aspect of the training centre. We don’t use simulators; they won’t prepare our Operators for real work on live site. We have working, Machine Control enabled Plant, with earth for our Operators to move and to really get familiar with the technology.  

Operators undergo a 2-hour classroom session, so they can understand how the GPS system works, how the signal is picked up and transmitted to the machine and how the machine is set up. 

They then put their knowledge into practice by spending time in a real machine. By the end of the day these Operators have a full understanding of these systems. They haven’t been under any pressure, and they have been able to learn by repetition, giving them the basic groundings to take with them out on site. 

Another great feature of our training is that it is one-to-one. This means the training is solely focused on them and can be tailored to suit their needs. They get more time with the trainer and the machine, and so a more effective training session. Ultimately, this makes our operators safer and more efficient when they first go to use the new systems on site.” 

We are so proud of our innovative Machine Control Training Programme, and the skills that this provides our Operators with. This means we now have many Operators who have been trained to use this new technology and are ready to hit the ground running when they get onto site. This level of training and detail is unique to Lynch and is testament to our commitment to not only the very latest and innovative equipment, but the development of our great people. 

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