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Lynch to the Rescue

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Midlands depot pulls out all the stops to help John Sisk. 

Jack Foster, took a phone call late afternoon on Tuesday 15th January, little did he know he and his team were going to go beyond the call of duty of meeting hire demands...

The call had come from John Sisk, an international construction company and one that Lynch had no previous association with. They were having major issues at their Northstowe housing project in Longstanton, Cambridge — the project being part of an overall £50m development to build 10,000 new homes.

Unfortunately, the current on-site plant hire company was experiencing financial problems and was about to pull out from the job leaving the project in jeopardy. In order to avoid any major interruptions and delays on the job, as well as secure the jobs of the current workforce, John Sisk turned to Lynch for help.

During the following day Sales Manager Ben Holloway and Hire Desk Manager Mark Chiswell worked tirelessly to secure the order. Once the project was secured the first job was to ease the concerns of the fifteen operatives who were becoming increasingly worried about their future and on Friday morning Jack and Director Steve Sutch, supported by Midlands Operator Manager Jamie Bell, held one-to-one meetings with the lead operator and foreman, Nathan Humphrey (shown above right with Director Merrill Lynch), as well as all the other operatives.

The outcome of these meetings was that all fifteen personnel were kept on by Lynch, which was great news for all concerned. Jack’s next job was to mobilise the equipment and speak to the transport team to arrange delivery – fifteen machines, half with GPS technology – were required on site as soon as possible. Transport manager Matt Payne and coordinator Harriet Howard jumped on the task and performed miracles as, on that Friday morning, just two working days after the call, fifteen Lynch machines were on site and ready for work. Lynch now has a number of machines on site including heavy and midi Excavators, ADTs, Dozers, Loading Shovels, and Bowsers.

Just last week, John Sisk carried out a Health, Safety and Environmental risk audit for the project which was very positive and which Lynch passed with flying colours. John Sisk has been really pleased with how Lynch has performed so far, and they are equally as impressed with how the team stepped into the breach so quickly and professionally with minimal disruption to the project. Thus, demonstrating once again how the Lynch team continues to meet our client’s hire demands.

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