The Build Project at Step by Step specialist school
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The Build Project at Step by Step special school

By Gez Bonner

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Lynch are absolutely delighted to be able to support the Step by Step Specialist school build project by providing Operated Plant to build the much needed temporary access road.

Step by Step is a specialist school for children with autism, originally opened by parents, which provides 1:1 support, nurturing growth and development. The school is a registered charity and relies heavily on generous contributions from friends, families, and local companies to continue making a difference to the lives of children and young people with autism.

Gayle Adam is the Head Teacher of the school and is proud to be a part of something so positive. “The school has grown phenomenally since opening in 2004, and the goal of the build project is to remove some of the temporary portacabins and create permanent spaces for the pupils to learn. Four years ago, the school added provision for a sixth form, and the build project will give these pupils a common room, as well as a training room where they can work with prospective employers and gain valuable work experience, preparing them for adulthood.”

The goal of the build project is to create permanent spaces for the pupils to learn

Gayle Adam - Step by Step Head Teacher

Gayle Adam, Gez Bonner, Carolyne Ferguson

Gez Bonner, Plant Operator Trainer at Lynch, has overseen the delivery of the plant machinery and is proud to be supporting this project, especially as his son Dillon attends the school. In order to get essential machinery and material to site, the school needed a temporary access road, and Lynch were poised to provide this.

Carolyne Ferguson from Kier Construction has supported this project wholeheartedly and she has arranged for Type 1 aggregates to be delivered to the school, which will also be used for the new road. She commented, “it is such a lovely way to collaboratively work together”.

L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage have been working on the M23 Smart Motorway upgrade in East Sussex for several years and this project is now approaching completion. As the school is located nearby, it seems only right that we can give back to the community by working with the school. We would also like to thank Kier, who also worked alongside Lynch on the M23 development programme, for their support.

Step by Step are always looking for supporters in the local area. Gayle commented, “We want the school to connect with the community. If we can work together, and build networks, we can continue with the fantastic job we do of making a real difference to these young people’s lives”.

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