Lynch invests in 111 new Bell Dump Trucks – the biggest deal in Bell European history 
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The biggest deal in Bell European history 

By Lucy Comley

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Lynch has been working in partnership with Bell for several years, and this year we are proud to have signed the biggest fleet deal in Bell’s European history. We have added 111 new Bell machines to our modern and reliable fleet, an order value exceeding £30 million.

Bell has already delivered several of the machines; many of which are already out on hire, working on great infrastructure projects across the UK including the HS2 project. These include B20Es, B25Es, B30Es, B40Es and B45Es. Lynch and Bell HS2 service teams work collaboratively from one location to streamline communication and support, providing a proactive service to our customers.

In April, we celebrated a milestone, taking delivery of our 100th machine. Here is what Chris Gill, Director at Lynch, had to say about our long-standing relationship with Bell:

"We are proud to invest in Bell machines. We have enjoyed a great working relationship with Bell for many years now and they have proven to be a reliable supplier. The equipment is well manufactured to a very high specification

Nick Learoyd Managing Director at Bell Equipment: 

"The relationship between Lynch and the Bell team has grown from strength to strength over a number of years, with honesty and respect being just 2 of the core values both companies work by."

Reducing carbon emissions and costs  

Lynch is on a sustainability journey to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2040. Procuring a sustainable fleet is an integral part of our plan. As well as lowering carbon emissions and important environmental benefits, the use of more efficient machines, like the new Stage V Bell ADTs, can help our customers to save money by reducing their fuel costs. As the government mandate banning the use of red diesel for our industry came into effect earlier this year, providing our customers with the most fuel-efficient options is a priority for us.

Operator safety and comfort 

Safety on site is at the core of our values. That’s why we’re proud to work in partnership with Bell UK. Their comprehensive range of ADTs are built with operator’s safety and comfort in mind. Innovative safety and comfort features such as bin tip prevention, hill assist, a spacious interior and a climate-controlled cabin are favoured by our customers and operators alike.

On a windy day in March we caught up with ADT operators Maggie Rutkowska and Jim Baraclough on-site and asked them what they love about operating Bell machines. Hear what they said:


Our customer Joe Nelson, Operations Director from Mick George said:

"We run a high number of Bell ADTs on our projects.  The state-of-the-art technologies increase operator comfort & safety and reduce our fuel costs and carbon emissions. We’re proud to hire Bell ADT’s from Lynch."

Increase site safety and reduce your costs

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