Lynch joins Building Equality
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Lynch joins Building Equality

By Lynch

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Lynch is excited to share that we have joined Building Equality: the alliance of construction workers and institutions passionate about collaboration and harnessing our collective power to drive LGBTQ+ inclusion in construction, engineering, and built environment industry.

Joining Building Equality helps us to take the work we have been doing to the next level. This means we can make a bigger impact, educate ourselves and our teams, allow everyone to thrive at Lynch, and be the best they can be. Everyone can contribute to our ever-growing industry as part of the Lynch team, regardless of age, disability, ethnicity or race, gender, religion or belief, and sexual identity.

We are really proud to have joined this amazing collaborative alliance, working alongside some of our great industry colleagues. We are looking forward to driving change across the industry and working with our great people, to be recognised as the best at what we do. Our people are our best asset, and joining this alliance is a testament to that.

Merrill Lynch - Director

We are the first Plant Hire Company to join Building Equality, leading the way for others in our industry. Right now, we are just at the beginning of our journey, so stay tuned and we looking forward updating you on our progress.


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