Lynch Plants Trees on Environmental Action Days!
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Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon

Lynch Plants Trees on Environmental Action Days!

By Sophie Holdrick

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As part of our commitment to sustainability and achieving net zero by 2040, we're excited to announce our tree-planting initiative. Inspired by Caroline Kinley, Head of Commercial Finance, Strategy & Systems, we will now plant a tree for every Lynch employee. Each member of Team Lynch will have a tree named after them, with progress updates available through a live portal.

Additionally, we've introduced Environmental Action Days, granting employees an extra day of leave to make a difference and support registered charitable organisations. Last month, in partnership with Landlogical, we began planting trees near the A12 and the Lower Thames Crossing, acknowledging the potential environmental impact of these infrastructure projects. We firmly believe in leaving a positive legacy and are committed to having a tangible environmental impact.

Expanding our efforts, we will also be planting trees in Cambridgeshire, near the A14 project where we were involved years ago. Recently, Merrill, Keval, Caroline, Paul, Craig, and Magda from Team Lynch braved adverse weather conditions to plant 300 trees. They had an incredible experience and encourage everyone to use their Environmental Action Day to make a positive impact.

Merrill shared his enthusiasm, saying, 'What an amazing experience! There is no better feeling than knowing that you're doing something good for the environment.' Caroline added, 'It was incredible to participate in a sustainable activity that you can see and touch. We're contributing to the global effort to combat the environmental crisis.'
Keval expressed gratitude towards Lynch and Landlogical, highlighting the importance of collaboration, while Craig shared his pride in transforming a former landfill into a green landscape for future generations.

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