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Operator Antony Dean Smart discusses training experience with EKFB and CITB, and career opportunities with Lynch

By Sophie Holdrick

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Antony began ADT Training at the EKFB and CITB Training Center, after the pandemic left his oven cleaning business in financial trouble. He signed on to an ADT Course to get his first ticket, and two months after this he began working with Lynch on HS2. 

Lynch are passionate about finding great people who have a Can Do attitude, and we want to work with them to help them be the best they can be. We know that we need great people working with us on HS2 to make the whole project a success.

Antony is determined to excel as a Plant Operator and he wants to stay working on HS2 until project completion. He told EKFB that “This opportunity has improved the quality of my life as I have more family time and I am enjoying my work as I live locally to it. I am a lot happier now as it has taken away the stress I had, and I now have a role I love and enjoy working for a great company on one of the largest projects in Europe. I can be proud knowing I helped build it in years to come.”

Read the full article here to find out more about Antony, and the EKFB/CITB Training Hub!

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