Dual View Dumper Familiarisation M4
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Dual View Dumper Familiarisation on M4

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This weekend, the Lynch Training Team carried out a Dual View Dumper familiarisation session with a group on the M4 Smart Motorway Project. We know that sessions like these are so important to help us mitigate the risk associated with Dumper incidents and overturning.

In the training room with Chris Kent, Lynch Operator Assessor, the group was able to gain an understanding of the various safety features fitted to the Dumper. The safety technology warns the Operator when approaching an unsafe angle, this helps our customers reduce the risk incidents on site.

During the practical demonstration with Valon K, Lynch Plant Coordinator, Operators and Site Workers were able to see the Dumper and it’s safety innovation in action. Importantly, we were able to highlight the difference between inclines and declines in a controlled environment.

Thanks to the great team on the M4 for working with us to achieve this.



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