Lynch and Skanska Bridging Virtual Reality and Heavy Machinery
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Lynch and Skanska Bridging Virtual Reality and Heavy Machinery

By Sophie Holdrick

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Lynch's commitment to a Safety First Mindset and being Digital by Default and innovation was on full display at Skanska's Black Cat Compound on the A428 improvement scheme. Our recent training day focused on cutting-edge technology with hands-on experience to enhance safety protocols and deepen understanding. The sessions centred around using VR headsets in conjunction with real machinery, particularly a D6 Dozer, which also showcased the cutting-edge Human Form Recognition system. These Red Zone Sessions aimed to provide the team with a comprehensive understanding of the equipment and its operation in potentially hazardous environments.‌

Alan Doran, Skanska's General Foreman said, "I would like to thank Lynch for their help on the Human Form Recognition demonstration and VR Headset safe approach presentation - it was brilliant."

The HFR and VR workshop was interesting and certainly an eye opener. I appreciated sitting in a real machine, showing the scale and complexity of the machines we deal with. It would be beneficial to engage with the younger people on site, to demonstrate what they are working around.

Tony Redman, Skanska Cementation

With four sessions held throughout the day, each accommodating ten individuals, the turnout exceeded expectations. We aim to continue and expand upon these initiatives, ensuring that we equip all our workforce with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate their work environment safely and effectively.

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